SICOI was founded in 1980 in a market emerging from the new energy saving laws in the industrial and civil sector. The company has grown rapidly over the years, both in terms of turnover and quality of service, making it a leading company in Italy and abroad for integrated operations and services for industrial plants.


Our highly qualified and experienced technical and commercial personnel are equipped to offer an efficient and complete service when responding to any national or international needs. Our experience in the field means we can guarantee our clients the resolution of almost any requests through personalised and customised solutions for their own clients.


Over forty years of experience has allowed SICOI to develop extensive knowledge of industrial plants. Along with the traditional specialisation of thermacoustic insulation and the renting of industrial bridges, SICOI can supply a complete range of services such as environmental reclamation, painting, sandblasting, consultancy and certification.


The SICOI It is able to perform any type of hot and cold insulation, with the use of insulating materials most suitable for the purpose and with aluminum or steel finish. Thanks to a highly qualified staff and a workshop at the forefront with electronically controlled machinery, SICOI specializes in the insulation of pipes, valves, heat exchangers, evaporators, condensers, boilers and turbines of thermal power plants, chemical, petrochemical and general industrial. Our team of engineers is able to study and evaluate specific cases to find the right solution to any customer's needs.

We respect the international standards certification for corporate social responsibility.

We ensure quality in our company procedures and production processes, constantly improving company performance.

We adhere to the management system for the improvement of all our company dynamics with maximum respect for the environment.

We adopt an organisational instrument which allows us to manage our employee’s safety in an organic and systematic way.

SICOI is registered in the National Register of Environmental Managers of the Ministry of Ecological Transition, as a company which manages waste for 10B categories (asbestos decontamination), 5 (transportation of dangerous waste) and 2bis (own waste)

The company is SOA certified, with all the legal requirements to carry out public works for categories OG1 (civil and industrial buildings), OG12 ( Decontamination and environmental protection), OS7 (finishings of general construction and technical work) and OS8 ( Waterproofing).

SICOI works with EiiF (European Industrial Insulation Foundation) in the development of sustainable insulation systems that promote energy savings, CO2 reduction and the realization of the best acoustic and fire prevention systems. Thanks to the experts Tipcheck Company Engineers and specific hardware and software tools, SICOI can perform very detailed analyzes on the energy efficiency of industrial plants and to advise the client the possible operations to be performed on the insulation. These analyzes include in addition to the potential energy savings, the period of investment recovery.

FINANCED TRAINING -FSE - SICOI SAS "Practical training focused on processes and Team Leaders" is a project financed by the European Union within the Operational Program of the Lazio Region - European Social Fund, Programming 2014-2020, Axis 3 - Instruction and Training - Investment Priority 10iv - Specific objective 10.4 - approved with DD n. G02967 from 03/15/2019 for € 32,640.00. The Project also identifies the principles of Thematic Objective 10 as it capitalizes the skill levels of workers over 40 and over 50 who usually suffer the risk of being excluded from training and qualification systems. The proposed training action keeps the participants involved away from the risk of not meeting the new demands of the market, offering them continuous updating of skills and competences. It promotes the professional growth of company employees by encouraging the acquisition of processes.

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